It’s good to get back painting again. Here are two square paintings on Board Hope you enjoy them

Georgian Bay North  Wind                                       Winter Hedge Row

Acrylic on board                                                            Acrylic on board


This the first painting this year as I have been busy illustrating a children’s book for #Railfencebooks.  This is my fifth sojourn in doing illustrations called the Railfence Bunch series.

This painting is a larger version of one I did a while back.  If you go back far enough on this blog you may find it.  This is acrylic on a 24×20 gallery style canvas. Its call Spring River Rush.


More 6×6 acrylic paintings. Enjoy

bells-lake fall-road larch swamp tamarack winter-bay winter-fence-line winter-river


Beaver Valley Barn looking north Acrylic on gallery style canvas.

The fall colours this year have been amazing and trying to capture them has been a challenge. It almost looks too over the top with the reds of the maple trees and  yellows of the poplar and birch trees.



Hello  every one It has been a while since my last blog It has been a very busy summer . I have just finished 10 illustrations for a children’s book and I hope it will be out later this year . This the fourth book in the series for author Carolyn Morris and the Railfence Bunch if interested you can check it out at railfencebooks.com.  I have also been doing several commissions and now I am starting to paint small miniature paintings 6×6 here are a few I have completed and will attempt to download them. They are all of the Georgian Bay Ontario area  hope you like them.

birch-at-the-sound fall-lane fall-storm blue-canoe fall-shore farm-gate lake-shore north-shore windy-shore


cedar shore

Cedar Shore  8×10 acrylic on a gallery style board.  This is from a photo I took a couple of years back although I have painted this before, I do like to paint certain images more than once.


shoreline swamp

Swampy Shore  8×10 acrylic on a gallery style canvas  I was paddling around a small lake and came across this very wet shoreline and  I loved the submerged trees showing under the water and it was a challenge for me to get it right but I think I  have succeeded


We have had a cold April this year about three weeks ago I do a little walk arround our property as I passed by our pond there was these bull rushes in ice with a snow build up around their base. I loved the way the ice, snow and the bull rushes worked together to form and interesting composition.

bull rushes

This is acrylic on 18x 14 gallery style canvas


It’s been a while since my last post I have been busy illustrating my third children’s book and  have just sent it on to the author. so it back to painting.

We still have winter up in this neck of the woods with below normal temperatures and lots of snow. This painting was done form a photo I took about a week ago in the evening.

16×20 acrylic on gallery style canvas.

evening farm


I was working on this painting for a charity event for Arts on Ten Flesherton, it was to be for a silent auction. Then on the radio came the news of the Paris terrorist attack and I stopped painting.

My paintings are usually of country scenes and quiet moments but I could not finish this painting the way it was supposed to be.  I’m not sure if this painting will go anywhere but on the internet but I don”t want to do another copy for the charity.

Here it is I call it then Paris happened.

.Then Paris Happened