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First New painting

May 26, 2017

This the first painting this year as I have been busy illustrating a children’s book for #Railfencebooks.  This is my fifth sojourn in doing illustrations called the Railfence Bunch series. This painting is a larger version of one I did a while back.  If you go back far enough on this blog you may find […]

Finally a new painting I can post

March 23, 2015

I have done this subject a few times but It still intrigues me a lot.  I is a old concrete bridge just south of our property on the next concession down.  It is a one lane bridge still being used (don’t know for how long) and I visit it several times a year.  The painting […]

Square foot painting number 44

August 20, 2014

I call this Little Rapids. There are hundreds of little streams in around Grey County where I live most of them run into the Saugeen river system that ends up in Lake Huron. In this is acrylic on canvas , I liked how the water was tumbling over the rocks forming small rapids and after […]

Eugenia Falls Ontario

July 17, 2014

Staying with the Escarpment, our area has a number of waterfalls and Eugenia Falls is one of my favorites, In the spring the water flow is much larger but in the summer the flow is less and it has, I think, a more interesting quality.  I have painted the falls several times and each painting […]

Square foot painting number 42

April 23, 2014

We are still fighting winter up here in Grey County I think we are slowly winning to-day is 7 degrees above zero Celsius. I’ve been looking through my photos and came across a river picture. Feeling nostalgic for warm summer evenings I thought I would do a painting of the Sydenham River which is in […]

New painting.

October 30, 2013

The Sagueen river system is a great inspiration for me I am always taking a camera with me wherever I go.  I saw this shot earlier this fall and thought it would make a nice painting. Here are the two images the photo and the finished painting. Acrylic on board 23X30  ‘River Mist’

Square Foot number 33

July 4, 2013

Back country spring Have you ever  thought you finished a painting only to keep playing around with it?  The painting on the top  is I think the final cut …maybe but who knows. I would like comments please.  What do you think?    

Square Foot Painting number 30

March 14, 2013

Just finished this to-day Acrylic on canvas


September 23, 2012

  This may be my last painting for awhile.  I have spent the last two months painting and getting ready for shows. This year has been  interesting to say the least as far as my art goes.  Of the four juried shows I have been in this year I felt  there was a lack of […]

Square Foot painting Number 27

September 21, 2012

Abandoned CPR Rail Bridge.  The rail line in this was abandoned a few years back and is now being used for snowmobiles in winter and walking in summer A lot of small streams were crossed by the CPR railway using very elaborate bridges. This one is just south of Owen Sound.