2010 Happy July 4th To my American friends

Hope every one had a great holiday

My out door art show went very well, sold 5 Paintings, lots of cards and bookmarks.

The temp was very warm 30c or 86 f but with a nice breeze off the water.

here is a painting of Meaford harbour as I saw it from my site.

Here is a picture of me with my pasty white legs  at my site.

May be I should have had the picture taken with out me. lol


6 Responses to “2010 Happy July 4th To my American friends”

  1. Great, Richard! I am glad you sold some, but it doesn’t surprise me as your paintings are beautiful. Love the sky in the Meaford painting and your architecture is unsurpassed. Legs and all fun photo!

  2. Hey, nice to really SEE you! Congratulations on your show. I recognized some of the paintings from your blog. Your harbor painting is beautiful.

  3. Congratulations on the show and the sales! Your painting is beautiful, too. By the way, tans are over-rated. I decided to quit doing it. 🙂

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