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It’s about time

November 25, 2010

It’s been a while  sorry  about that I’ve been busy helping a friend to renovate a cottage.  We are re-doing the ceiling, it was damaged after the roof  had a major leak last  year. I put  5 paintings  in the square foot show at the loft gallery and I hear it is selling very well.  […]

2010 Zoomer Show

October 29, 2010

Nancy and I are off to the Zoomer Show in Toronto to hang out with old farts like me and see the art show and maybe meet some artists. This is not a new painting  but I dont think I have shown it before.

2010 Toronto out door art show

September 16, 2010

Getting read to do another art  show this week-end I hope the weather holds. At this time of year there is a nip of  fall in the air.  The fore-cast looks good.  I was printing off some cards an I thought I would print some  Christmas cards for this show.  These cards i dis a […]

2010 Muskoka Steamer

September 10, 2010

This is an original ship that still takes passengers around the waters of  Lake Muskoka  and Lake Rosseau Ontario.  These lake are the playground of the rich and famous ie  Goldie Hawn, Kirk Russel and the like.  I go to Muskoka  to visit my brother  who lives  in Bracebridge.  Unfortunately he is neither rich or […]

2010 I can feel fall around the corner

September 5, 2010

The old farm ain’t what it was. This farm actually is how you see it in the painting. The barn on its last legs  and the cows keep on munching. I thought is was a great scene though.

House Portrait

August 22, 2010

Just finished this commission of a local farm house

2020 French Invasion II

July 30, 2010

Here is another old painting I did years ago. An old stone house that was my first step into painting house portraits.  Now I would move the let tree farther to the left so as not to interfere with the house.

2010 French Invasion

July 28, 2010

Nothing new to show as we are having friends from Strasbourg France here for the week and we are showing them around the area. I dug up an old painting  the picnic table, I did about 30 years ago thought may be you would be interested.

2010 Happy July 4th To my American friends

July 4, 2010

Hope every one had a great holiday My out door art show went very well, sold 5 Paintings, lots of cards and bookmarks. The temp was very warm 30c or 86 f but with a nice breeze off the water. here is a painting of Meaford harbour as I saw it from my site. Here […]


June 29, 2010

Getting ready for and out door art show in Meaford called Artfest on the bay It is a weekend event. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather. This was my booth last year.