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June 26, 2013

A friend of the family is raising alpacas for their wool and asked me to do some watercolour sketches of her small herd of 3 and one on the way I have done two sketches so far and hope to have a few more so she can make some cards from the sketches.  

House portrait

August 25, 2011

This house portrait was commissioned by a realtor from Toronto

2010 Zoomer Show

October 17, 2010

What is a Zoomer you may ask.  It is a coined word for aged 50+ active people like me. I’m 10 years older than 50. Any how there is a trade show in Toronto catering to people like  me.  I am one of  thirty artists chosen to show one piece work depicting active Zoomers. If […]

September 6, 2010

Back to acrylic  and one of my favorite subjects.. old barns This one is being repaired.  Some barns in the area were fixed up by the Mennonites  but I have not been able to photograph them working on a barn.  They also sometimes do barn raisings.  any how I love to paint them.

2010 I can feel fall around the corner

September 5, 2010

The old farm ain’t what it was. This farm actually is how you see it in the painting. The barn on its last legs  and the cows keep on munching. I thought is was a great scene though.

House Portrait

August 22, 2010

Just finished this commission of a local farm house


June 29, 2010

Getting ready for and out door art show in Meaford called Artfest on the bay It is a weekend event. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather. This was my booth last year.

2010 House portrait

June 26, 2010

I sometimes get commissions To do a house portrait which I love to do. This  is the second painting I did of the house as the first one was destroyed in a fire. It is one of  the many  Victorian  styles of houses in the area.

2010 Lighthouse challenge

June 22, 2010

What great paintings it is amazing how everyone has a different approach to the subject.  I’m still finding other light houses  on blogs  I don’t know.  I hope someone else comes up with a different challenge.  Thanks to all. These are some to the light houses I have done over the years.  They are on […]

First day of Summer 2010

June 21, 2010

Welcome the first day of summer. May all the days ahead be good painting days.  May all your outdoor  shows be sunny and may everyone have a god summer. Here is my entry, I tried for a little drama this time. Look forward to seeing everyone’s  work!! I tried for more wave action and a […]