This may be my last painting for awhile.  I have spent the last two months painting and getting ready for shows. This year has been  interesting to say the least as far as my art goes.  Of the four juried shows I have been in this year I felt  there was a lack of interest  from the public.  As for sales I have not even made the entrance fees.  I know it is hard to make a living painting and I don’t. I work two part time jobs along with our plaque mounting  business, but I tried to get a good selection of paintings together for these shows.  I then found our my favorite show The Square Foot Show will not be happening  as the Gallery is cutting back on size and staff.

I don’t know if this is a long term trend in art or if has always been this way.  I was able to sell my paintings and did  enjoy being in the shows other years. This year I find that the long hours painting and then being at the art show a bit discouraging.

Anyhow I will still look at other blogs and after a while may start painting again.

Richard McNaughton.




6 Responses to “Untitled”

  1. Hi Richard ; I can understand where your coming from and feel sad that your going to pack it in for awhile . As we discussed a couple of weeks ago that there are so many types of art out there and when your in a big show the people have a saturation of so many different types of art . They are overwhelmed and something has to rock their socks off in order to buy it . And money being the way it is these days you have a lot of competition . You have a lot of courage going out there and showing your art . I wish you all the best luck you can get . I know you’ll make the right decision

  2. Oh Richard, I can only begin to imagine your frustration and discouragement but it makes me angry and sad for you..BUT completely undersandable. You are probably very wise to step back from painting for the public and shows…it will give you the freedom to paint if and when you feel like it for fun not profit..it might feel good. We feel so fortunate to have a lovely selection in our private McNaughton gallery ! We’ve run out of wall space though. Hold your head high and dive into your next adventure.

  3. Do it because you love it, not for the money. I know of a gallery owner who’s not selling either– he lives in his gallery! Times are very tough. I hope you don’t give up… you might feel worse.

  4. Dear Richard, Don’t be discouraged. Try to paint first for the love of painting. Sales in Indianapolis are slow as well but the economy is slowly coming back. I also think each artist goes through boom periods and -periods of very slow or no sales. I took a break recently and it was nice to rest and rejuvenate. We all need to do that occasionally. By the way, great painting. I can feel the chilled, moist air.

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