Another Square Painting show called 8 Square Show

I found on line another show that features squares this time the size is 8″ square.  The show in H;amilton Ontario at the 337 Sketch Gallery.  I will be allowed to put 3 peices into the show.  What fun any how here are the paintings I did for the show that will be in April. I will post more info later.

Winter caps

The Pensula revisited

Red Roof


10 Responses to “Another Square Painting show called 8 Square Show”

  1. love your paintings

  2. Beautiful paintings!

  3. your paintings really very good! i like them all. and i am also waiting for your next update and more information about the paintings. The colors of the paintings looks very aw some and i must say your eye about colors is very sharp.

  4. I like all three but particularly like the lowest on. The colours and balance are beautiful!

  5. I think a square format is very challenging. Excellent work – very balanced and visually interesting.

  6. Thanks Linda

    I really do enjoy this format I am presently working on larger pieces to enter in another juried show.

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