A Square painting that is 24X24″ my fiist larger square painting.

I was convinced by the Loft gallery to try larger paintings and I thought it would be an idea to document the different stages of the painting.

This is a 2 ft. by 2 ft. stretched gallery type canvas.

The image is of a bridge near my home and I have done several paintings of this subject and likely will paint  several more.

As you can see I roughed in the bridge and water along with the sky.

I then added the trees on bothe sides of the river

I then added the trees to each side of the river.

Then I worked on adding paint to the  old concrete bridge.

Next  I wanted to work on  the water.  I wanted bits of ice floating on the water.  I also wanted to capture the reflection of the bridge.

Then I wanted to flesh out the trees and add the snow.

For a focal point I painted someone walking across the bridge.  I added the umbrella to give the painting some colour.

Then I tried something scary! I wanted to add snow by splattering white paint over the canvas.  It worked!

This is the final result.  Hope you enjoyed the process.  I plan to do several more of this size, and then get back to the square foot paintings.

5 Responses to “A Square painting that is 24X24″ my fiist larger square painting.”

  1. Richard,

    Thanks for sharing the process, it helps me. I just bought a
    3-pack of 3×3 square canvas, a bargain price. I’m looking at them… 🙂

    I love winter scenes, this is beautiful.


  2. The scary part would have scared me too! But it all works so well, Richard. 🙂

  3. Painting that snow would scare me too lol

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