Square Foot Show

Well the Square Foot Show is now over. It was a great success for me, of the 10 paintings I submitted 9 were sold. The show had over 400 paintings entered and people lined up to purchase as many as they could. It was amazing to see the video of all the people rushing to the gallery and taking the paintings off the wall some times three at a time.  I hope the gallery will post the video and maybe I can post it here.

The One painting I didn’t sell fell off the wall and the board separated a little but can be fixed.

This is the painting that fell off the wall, its already fixed.

All the paintings were acrylics and I have to wonder if this is the way of my future.  Although for most of my artistic past I painted in watecolour  I find it is the acrylic paintings that more people are interested in.  Acrylics are a lot easier for me to do and I don’t have to frame them, as I paint around the edge, and there is no mat and no glass.  This does not mean I will stop doing watercolours but it will certainly put them on the back burner for now. As far as my gallery shows go I have to make the hard decision of acrylic versus watercolour and right now acrylic is my choice.  I feel a little sad about this decision and I would like to hear your feedback on on this.


3 Responses to “Square Foot Show”

  1. I see more acrylics and oils leaving the shows, here, also. I think it is as you discussed. Many acrylics and oils in the local shows are priced less than the watercolors because of that cost of framing and matting the work being added to the price. Congratulations on your successful sales of your work.

  2. I feel a little sad about my decision to work mainly in acrylic. Thank you for you kind words

  3. I personally prefer the watercolours, but your acrylics are well done as well. With the economic crisis, price is probably a bigger issue than before when choosing to buy. It is sad to see you doing less watercolour, but never give them up. On the other hand, broadening your range of work is a good thing.

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