The Square Foot Show

Well it is this time of year again. The square foot art show is on again in Clarksburg. The have this art show twice a year. The show will be on from April 8th To April 17th. Every painting is one square foot 12X12 and all the same price $144.00 ea.

Last Fall I sold 4 out of five paintings. This time I plan to enter 10 paintings by the deadline of March 27.  As of today I have painted 2.  Do you think I can get 8 more finished in time?

We’ll see.

Here are the first two

Both painting are of this area I live in, I picked ten photos I took last year.






3 Responses to “The Square Foot Show”

  1. Both are beautiful, Richard. I like how you handled the light in both of them. They give a feeling that I am actually there.
    I like this square foot show idea. It makes art affordable.

  2. Both are nice, but I love the top one.

  3. Wow, really nice. The colors used in your art work are all very real, true to nature. I just can’t wait to see the rest of the 8. Wish you all the best in finishing the rest.

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