Its snowing and snowing and snowing

We are locked down from Sunday.  It’s been snowing and blowing for a few days now. most of the  back roads are closed and some hwys.  I’ve been busy cutting board for our plaques mounting  business.   This is our busy time of the year for us, every-one wants their plaques for Christmas.

I have made plaques of a few copies of my paintings.  I can sell them at shows as a nice gift for someone.

Any how I have not had time to do any painting  but as soon as I get my drive  blown out and we slow down I plant to wander about to take pictures.  It is like a winter wander land here.

The Christmas tree is form our property and some years we get a Charlie Brown tree


2 Responses to “Its snowing and snowing and snowing”

  1. I would guess you would be amongst the hardest hit by this last storm. It even slowed us down, yesterday.

  2. Hope the weather at your home will soon be better. I really enjoy seeing all the snow covered landscape. It does feel like christmas.

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