It’s about time

It’s been a while  sorry  about that I’ve been busy helping a friend to renovate a cottage.  We are re-doing the ceiling, it was damaged after the roof  had a major leak last  year.

I put  5 paintings  in the square foot show at the loft gallery and I hear it is selling very well.  I don’t know if I have sold any paintings but I will find out  Dec. 5th ,

Any how I’ve been neglecting my painting so yesterday I did 5 quickies just to loosen me up.

these are just random  freehand water colours  that I make up as I go.

My Son-in-Law, Richard Fraser, has a new photography website and I have added him to my blog list




4 Responses to “It’s about time”

  1. First of all, what a nice gesture to help with a ceiling, Richard.
    As for your quick sketches…what lovely compositions. I am especially drawn to the bottom one with the dark stream winding through. I also like the one with the old barn. That one makes me want to walk through the field in between and take a better look around.

  2. Hey Richard

    The paintings look great. Hope you did well in the sq. foot show. Still havent figured out how to make a blog but that can be a “chore” to keep me occupied. Regards to Nancy.


  3. Your quick sketches are great! I love the looseness. Looks to me like you are warmed up ! 🙂

  4. Love that last one especially. Maybe because we don’t get snow here. Very nicely done. Are they for sale?

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