2010 Square Foot Show

I will be submitting 4 paintings to the loftgallery’s Square Foot Show. Each painting can only be  12″x12″ and acrylic only.  All paintings submitted will be for sale and all will be the same price. ($144.00).  This was a show I did last year and I submitted my first ever acrylic. I had so much fun painting with acrylic I continued to paint in that medium.

I do still love Watercolour and I will continue to paint and teach  watercolours.

these are the paintings I will be submitting to the show. Some you have seen before and a couple you haven’t.



6 Responses to “2010 Square Foot Show”

  1. Beautiful art once again!
    A new Fall challenge at my blog. All natural art challenge, I hope you join us!

  2. These are great! We hope to go to Santa Fe after Christmas and your paintings are taking me west. I like the idea of a square foot show. very novel!

  3. I admire your talent with acrylic, Richard. These are all beautiful. That single little tree with the orange leaves is a real eye-catcher, even when viewed in a group. Good fortune for more sales!

  4. Wow, they are all very beautiful. I like how you use colors to bring life in all your paintings. I especially like the scene with the snow, very calm and realistic.

  5. Beautiful acrylic paintings! I love the concept and that the price is $144! Hope you sell them all.

    Good luck.

  6. These are all fabulous! I too enjoy painting in acrylic, but I find in winter I need more natural light to be able to paint, my artist lamp causes too much reflection on the colours. I’d buy them all!

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