2010 Zoomer Show

What is a Zoomer you may ask.  It is a coined word for aged 50+ active people like me.

I’m 10 years older than 50. Any how there is a trade show in Toronto catering to people like  me.  I am one of  thirty artists chosen to show one piece work depicting active Zoomers.

If your are interested in more  go to  http://www.zoomershow.ca/2010/tor/toronto.html

Sorry I don’t know how to link websites to my blog yet.

The paint I submitted was  Looking to Camp I had posted this painting earlier, but here it is again


6 Responses to “2010 Zoomer Show”

  1. Lovely painting! I wish my monitor were larger then I wouldn’t have to scroll on the larger view. But I’m glad you post it at that size as I can then see the detail, which I love in all your paintings.

    I’m definitely not a zoomer. The age is right but active… not me. Sloomer, maybe for ‘sleepy’ or ‘somnambulistic’!

  2. I love this about “Zoomers”! How much do I have to do to be considered one? I don’t mountain climb and I no longer have a canoe, but I mow a lawn and ride a bike and chase a four and a half year old around half the day! I fit that age category.
    I remember the painting and like it very much, Richard.

  3. It is an absolutely beautiful painting and how nice that you were chosen to exhibit!

  4. Nice painting, very realistic. i like the colors you used. I hope one day if i ever come to your age i’m still able to paint. Keep up the good work.

  5. As a fellow zoomer I say Bravo Richard! Great painting. I really like the texture in the boulders and the sparkle in the lake.

  6. I like that term, zoomer! It’s way better than senior.

    Congratulations on getting chosen to be part of the exhibit. This is a beautiful painting.

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