2010 First frost Birrrr

Woke up this morning to frost on the ground winter is coming!!!    Yuck.

Just finished being a guest artist in our local Autumn Leaves Studio Tour this last week-end

Had a great time sold a couple of paintings lots of cards and bookmarks. For this studio tour I did several of new paintings  2 acrylics and 2 watercolours.  The Acrylics are from Photographs of the area Old Baldy and Georgian Bay my two favorite subjects.

This is what Georgian Bay Looks when there is an east wind verrry cold.

Next week-end is our Thanksgiving Looking for ward to turkey.

3 Responses to “2010 First frost Birrrr”

  1. Both of these paintings are gorgeous. Would not mind hanging either of them. The top one is full of all that texture I like in your work and the depth you created is phenomenal. WOW! The second one is my favorite of the two. I am amazed at the deep tones in the water that look absolutely “chilling” just as you describe. I am in awe that you chose to represent such a fantastic sky with all that water. These are two areas where I need so much practice. Once again the depth is phenomenal!

  2. These really are beautiful! I absolutely love the top image. So much depth…

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Richard! I love these. I particularly like what is beyond the cliff on the first one. It gives it so much wonderful depth! That water is very dramatic and cold! Brrrrrr!

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