2010 Self Portrait

Here is my attempt at sketching a self-portrait  for the end of Summer challenge  that Linda Halcomb gave us  August 4th. ( I still need to learn how to connect every one in my post.  Leslie White can do it,  but she is an expert.)

For this sketch I used a number 6b pencil along with my thumb to blend and  eraser to  highlight.

I am looking forward to see everyone’s self portraits.


18 Responses to “2010 Self Portrait”

  1. Hi Richard, Great portrait, I really like it. Love the dark behind you on the right and the light on the left. Your did a great job with your hair and beard. Well done!!!

  2. Richard! This is awesome. I remember you saying you felt super challenged by this. I like the fact you included your “glee”marks. …and a drawing! This is the first drawing of yours, I’ve seen. I need to take lessons from those of you who can take a limited number of marks and render about anything.

  3. Hi Richard! You cannot imagine how happy I was to another self-portrait in graphite! For some reason there aren’t many graphite portraitists around, and I feel like a dinosaur sometimes.

    I love your self-portrait! You look like a kind and patient person. The expression is very special. Good to meet you!

    • Thank you. I must admit I do very little pencil drawings most of the drawing I do is sketching for a painting. I have one other drawing in my blog somewhere.
      I would like to add you to my blog list however because I love the diversity of the artists I have meet doing this blog.

  4. Great job there, Richard!! You have a nice little gleam in your eye!

  5. cool Richard. i like graphite a lot. i’m glad you chose to explore it this way. you have excellent value range and i like seeing the strokes and line of graphite in this. 6B is really soft. i use it occasionally but find i like 4B just because i can have a heavy hand sometimes and it doesnt crumble quite as often. i’ve also found tortillons useful for blending (sometimes called a stump) – they are inexpensive and come in all sizes and a variety of hardness – altho one can be made by working most any paper a little and then rolling it tightly. . . i decided that was better than my fingers most of the time… unless i was impatient or… you know… just needed a bit of smudging someplace… one thing tortillons do allow me is more accuracy to work small areas. i also like that you use erasers as a creating tool rather than just a removal tool. cool, way cool.

    • Thank you. I like to use the solid graphite sticks in 2b 4b and 6b, they are great and all you need is a pencil sharpener and you can use the whole point to get the desired effect
      I do have a stump some place but I couldn’t find it in my messy studio I think I will have to start to tidy it….someday.

  6. Wonderful job Richard, I can see the kindness in your eyes.

  7. This is great. I’m planning to produce a self portrait as the start of my Sketchbook Project 2011. I always seem to look much older when I try to draw a picture of myself. I guess it’s how I think of myself.

  8. Great job Richard! With a minimum of lines you have crafted a wonderful portrait that has a lot of warmth.

  9. Richard, great portrait! It seems to capture your personality (at least my vision of it!?) really well and I love the rough, bold look of it.

  10. What a great selfie. Nicely done!

  11. Nice portrait of yourself Richard, i can sense warmth and gentleness from th drawing.

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