2010 Muskoka Steamer

This is an original ship that still takes passengers around the waters of  Lake Muskoka  and Lake Rosseau Ontario.  These lake are the playground of the rich and famous ie  Goldie Hawn, Kirk Russel and the like.  I go to Muskoka  to visit my brother  who lives  in Bracebridge.  Unfortunately he is neither rich or famous.

8 Responses to “2010 Muskoka Steamer”

  1. I feel like I’m there in this painting, Richard. The fog wafting through the trees as the sun bakes it off. The boat is, of course, looking ready to receive passengers. The SKY! The sky is wonderfully believable and three dimensional.

  2. Looks like a beautiful place, no wonder the rich and famous holiday there. This is a beautiful painting Richard.

  3. I’ve been on one of these boats in Ontario and really enjoyed the ride. Your painting perfectly captures to sunlight and pristine, clean feel of that Ontario day.

  4. So cool! I haven’t made it to Canada yet, we seem to always head south. I must make it up there someday, so I too can hang out with the rich and famous… Leslie, Linda and Richard!

  5. Nice painting of the boat Richard, i like the rustic scnene of the background combine with the smooth texture of the ship. The ship looks really calm and cool.

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