Time to get back to work

Sat in my studio for the day yesterday and worked on four small paintings trying to get my juices flowing.   I worked in acrylic then and I hope to do four more to-day if things work out ok.

These are from photos,  I have yet to do any out-door paintings this summer.


14 Responses to “Time to get back to work”

  1. That one with the boat and the cat tails caught my eye, Richard. It is unique and different. The boat appears to be waiting for that special someone to come along and use it! Glad you are painting.

  2. These look awesome placed together like this.
    Excellent job

    • I plant to do a lot of these 4″ x 4″ paintings they are a lot of fun to do. I entered an art show at a gallery and the show was called 100
      Squares. Each artist submitted 4 paintings all 4″x4″ I had so much fun I kept painting them.

  3. I agree these look awesome placed together. I really like the snow covered piece.

  4. They may be small in size but large in talent. I like how you placed them together. They work very well as a group.

    • Thank you I’ve been thinking of doing a bunch of paintings all in the square format but different sizes. I make my own boards and I glue sides to the board and paint the whole surface. What I like about this is there is no framing needed so I can make them any size and not worry about the cost of framing.

  5. These are great, Richard! My favorites are the two on the bottom!!

  6. Top and bottom right are my faves, Richard. Look forward to seeing more!

  7. I like all four of them, wow four painting in a day. I would have been exhaused, you must have paint quite fast. I try to do fast painting too like how Leslie have tried it but eventually did not suite me well.

  8. Richard, I’m awe struck by your work. Intentional or not, I see an impressionist style to your paintings, which is what I also try to achieve. You have a great eye for colour and light, I’m doing my very best not to reach for my paints now! So I guess your and inspiration! Please keep posting, I would love to see more of your work.


  9. I like the Silver Birch most!


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