2020 French Invasion II

Here is another old painting I did years ago. An old stone house that was my first step into painting house portraits.  Now I would move the let tree farther to the left so as not to interfere with the house.


7 Responses to “2020 French Invasion II”

  1. I like this just the way it is, Richard. How beautiful this home must be in summer with that tree leafedout and covering portions of the home, shading it from the sun. A beautiful painting of a place I would not mind calling “home”.

  2. Great painting but I agree with you that the tree is a little too close. I am trying to learn how to edit landscapes in order to have better compositions. This is a challenge!

  3. Wonderful house “portrait”. I agree that the tree should be moved, but that’s what learning is all about, right?

  4. Wonderful art work great job.

  5. Lovely piece Richard, I think it looks great as it is. The house looks so inviting and agree with Leslie, this places would be impressive during summer.

  6. Richard, we have an end of summer challenge set-up. If you haven’t seen it check my blog!

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