2010 French Invasion

Nothing new to show as we are having friends from Strasbourg France here for the week and we are showing them around the area.

I dug up an old painting  the picnic table, I did about 30 years ago thought may be you would be interested.


8 Responses to “2010 French Invasion”

  1. This doesn’t look like a stone house to me at all! It looks like break time at the picnic table. I totally like the whole feel of this. The soft light and deep shadows. Makes me wonder where he is and what he may be thinking, Richard. More!

  2. OOPS sorry about that I’ll change that. I had two paintings to show and hit enter on the wrong one. It was 1:00 in the morning after all.

  3. I like this painting and when I read the title “French Invasion” I thought you were talking about this guy since he’s wearing a beret.

  4. This painting is wonderful. You paint how I think!, difference is, I can’t seem to capture what I always think down on to paper. I was explaining to students on a painting walk recently, that it’s what you think, rather than what you see. I don’t think they really understood what I was trying to say, and I found it very difficult to explain.

  5. Feels like a Legion member and the time around November 11. I find it haunting and evocative.

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