One more acrylic shore line.  This time in the play ground of the rich and famous.  Muskoka Lakes.

I added a little colour to the shore line and it gives it a fall feeling.  I’m sorry for pushing the season but it felt right.


8 Responses to “2010”

  1. This is beautifully colored and textured Richard. I showed it to a friend here at work (also an artist) and he too love the textures. You’re quite the talent my friend.

    • Thank you does your friend have a blog site ? I love looking at other artist’s sites and I am amazed at the diversity.

      I’m still finding my way around the blog there are a lot of artists I would like to put on my blog list, some I ask for their permission and some I don’t. Not sure what the protocol is.

  2. It’s so hot it is refreshing imagining this as a cooler day than today, here. This landscape is beautiful. I like the multi-colored reflections especially.
    I noticed you are painting quite a bit in acrylic right now, Richard. Are you finding a better market at your art fairs for them over watercolor? Just curious.

  3. As soon as I saw this I thought, ahhhh, fall! Those colors are beautiful and I may have to come back here again and again to look at it while it’s going to be a bazillion degrees today.

  4. I liked it so much, i full screened it and took a long look.
    I think i could benefit personally from looking at your work this way,
    I’ve seen the work of a lot of fantastic artists and i’ve decided, that you have a masters skill. something i’m a long way from still
    Hats off, artist to artist

  5. I am so glad you pushed the colors! This is a great painting, Richard! I think all of us are suffering from the heat and longing to be in your painting! 🙂

    On the blogroll, I don’t know if there is a protocal or not. If I like a blog, I add it to my blogroll. I refresh mine from time to time and take out the ones where there isn’t much activity. I love learning from the talented people around me…. like you!

  6. Richard this is wonderful. I can feel the crisp, clear fall air. Wonderful and refreshing as summer in Indiana has been hot, HOT and HOTTER this year. Everything is getting toasted but my tomatoes are doing great.

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