2010 Lighthouse challenge

What great paintings it is amazing how everyone has a different approach to the subject.  I’m still finding other light houses  on blogs  I don’t know.  I hope someone else comes up with a different challenge.  Thanks to all.

These are some to the light houses I have done over the years.  They are on the Canadian side of  Lake Huron.  My goal is to Paint as many of these as  can.  The Canadian government is closing down most of them for automatic lights.  If no group takes them  over they will fall to disrepair.


4 Responses to “2010 Lighthouse challenge”

  1. These paintings are great, Richard! It’s a shame that these lighthouses will eventually go away. They are such wonderful structures with a great history. I hope someone steps up to the plate, to adopt some of them.

    I have also painted quite a few lighthouses. I have a girlfriend who has a whole room decorated in them, so she gets a lot of paintings from me. 🙂

  2. Thank you Richard for the challenge and for posting your wonderful art. I’m hoping to create something new in the future for all to try, just not sure how to handle it yet. Thanks again!

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous. They look so good together. Now, I see why you chose lighthouses for the challenge. Are there not historical societies that would be interested in these gems? I don’t know the workings of such societies, but it would seem to me, that these would pull that sort of interest.

  4. hey there!! thanks again for the challenge, richard. better late than never – here is my first attempt and looking forward to carrying this theme further.

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