First day of Summer 2010

Welcome the first day of summer. May all the days ahead be good painting days.  May all your outdoor  shows be sunny and may everyone have a god summer.

Here is my entry, I tried for a little drama this time.

Look forward to seeing everyone’s  work!!

I tried for more wave action and a dramatic sky even added a ray of light as and after thought.

The waves in the foreground are made up of a lot of splattering and dripping and (I hate to say it) very watery white acrylic


14 Responses to “First day of Summer 2010”

  1. Wow! You brought tons of drama into this scene. Although having darkness and drama, you given it direction and hope with the beam of light shining down on the sea. Very cool! Thanks for a wonderful challenge.

  2. Richard, a beautiful, dramatic lighthouse. I wouldn’t expect anything else from the initiator of the lighthouse challenge.

    Great job.

  3. Nice paint work Richard, just love the sunshine breaking through the dark clouds and thanks for this wonderful challenge.

  4. Wow! I love all the drama in this painting, Richard! The sky is amazing!!! Oh, and I love the ray of light you added! Here’s mine.

  5. […] you would like to view all lighthouses that artists completed for this challenge, click here and then on each comment as they are most likely artists who have work […]

  6. Hi Richard. I like that you portrayed your lighthouse in a vertical format accentuating height. Also, including the beam of light and the crashing waves gives you the feel of it being at work. This is beautiful.
    Mine is here

  7. Hi All, my painting of the Grand Haven, Michigan is posted now. Richard, I loved this challenge even if I waited until June to start painting. Real procrastinator here. I will add a link to Richard’s website if anyone can tell this computer illiterate how to do it. Thank you to all who participated. This was really fun as was the Spring Challenge.

  8. Richard, your painting is remarkable. You always have so much detail but your paintings are not overworked. The drama in the sky is balanced by the crashing wave. There is so much motion and excitement. Great!

  9. I love the moodiness of this painting. It’s crazy beautiful. What a COOL challenge! Leslie White’s lighthouses blew me away. I’m off to look at other people’s. You guys ROCK! Thank You and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  10. Your painting is fabbo, but particularly that spectacular sky! (Sorry, I didn’t do this challenge… lighthouses don’t really inspire me. Maybe your next challenge if there is one?)

  11. definitely dramatic ! I am away from home n couldn’t post my anclote key lighthouse. will be back Wednesday afternoon. thanks again for this great idea

  12. […] was still during my “internet downtime”.  Therefore, you are seeing my results of Richard’s lighthouse challenge.  I took a breather from paint and did an ink drawing with my colored pastel pencils.  I […]

  13. Hey, Richard! I have internet access again, so I’ve finally posted my lighthouse piece. Thanks for all the fun! Your pieces are just beautiful.

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