It’s been a while we have been busy with our business (plaque mounting) and working at a framing gallery.

How ever I do have a painting to show.

Its called the Elora Mill and historic mill that has been painted by artists for years.  A student of mine brought a photo of the mill for our group to paint.  The mill is now a reasturant and inn A famous artist  A.J. Casson painted this mill in 1930  in watercolour you can see the image at


try this site

along with other water colours of his.  He was he yougest member of the Group of Seven a famous Canadian group of artists.

any how her is my painting I liked how there is the refelection of the mill in the water caused by the dam


9 Responses to “2010”

  1. This place is huge! My favorite thing about this painting is the reflection which gives the idea of an abstract due to the nature of it. Cool painting, Richard!

  2. Quite impressive! The site must be beautiful.

  3. As usual, I love the detail and the atmosphere.

  4. so cool how you captured the refection in the calm water. I love stone buildings and I love this one.

  5. I really enjoyed gazing at this painting, Richard and that site is cool, too! Good job on the reflections! 🙂

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