I was on a Sunday outing last weekend and my  wife Nancy and I drove along the Lake Huron shore.  I took some pictures of the Point Clark Lighthouse

On April 10th I showed a painting of the Point Clark Light House on my blog, a fellow Blogger Linda commented that she would like to the Lighthouses  on Lake Michigan but Hasn’t so far.

So I would like to copy Ryan, and put out this Summer challenge to other artists.

Find the Nearest Light house in your area and do a painting of it.

We could all show the paintings on June 21 the first day of summer.

For those who do not have a light house nearby here is one for you to try.

Point Clark

The shore line is just beyond the tall grass on the bottom right corner and the original lighthouse did not have that protective awning over the door that is a new addition because it is now a museum so I guess it has to conform to certain standards.

I am looking forward to seeing the finished paintings and I hope you have as much enjoyment painting them as I do

Please pass the word around and have fun.

thanks Richard


12 Responses to “2010”

  1. Hi Richard! Count me in. Good idea!

  2. Richard, I will start painting!

  3. This is great Richard,
    Although your right, the nearest thing to a lighthouse in southern Indiana on the muddy Ohio river, is a couple of rednecks drinking beer at a campfire, catfishing! So I believe I’ll take the one you have posted and see you on June 21st! I’m in!

  4. Count me it, too, Richard! I even know of a lighthouse in Oklahoma. Odd, eh? 🙂

  5. Another fun challenge. Thanks Richard. And I just got back from seeing the Sanibel, FL lighthouse AND the Jupiter, FL lighthouse. So I’m in too.

  6. Good morning Richard.
    I am writing a small article for the Markdale Standard regarding Touching the Divine, the Annesley Art Show on May 15th and 16th. I wondered if you could give me a short quite as to what appeals to you about this show. We are focussing on the divine spirit each artist reaches for within the art. Could you say something wise to illustrate this for the paper? I am looking forward to this. I should be an awesome show.

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  8. How cool! I saw the referred to on Leslie’s site, and will bop in to see what You all did! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

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