As I woke up this morning  and looked out my window and what did I see SNOW at least 1?2 inch!!!!

I seem to be on a rock and water kick,  We do have a lot of this around here. This painting  ” “Lake Side” is  just around the corner from “Looking to Camp” (still not happy with that title)


7 Responses to “2010”

  1. I like this painting, as usual, the emotion comes across. You’re good at that!

    Snow! Again? Eek! I’m hoping we won’t get more, but it’s always possible in the UK with our weird (and usually not so wonderful) weather.

    Rock’n’water’s good. Strange, isn’t it, how we’re motivated to create/recreate certain themes at certain times?

    • The weather has been pretty changeable lately.
      I understand that there is a lot of problems with the volcano spewing ash in your atmosphere. I’m sorry about that.
      Thank you for your comments I never tire of this theme.

  2. Hi Richard, this is beautiful. I like the light on the rocks and the reflections in the water.

  3. I actually like this painting better than the other side. The warmth of the rock and landform against the cool colors and maybe something about the shapes just draw me in. I want to sit up there in the trees and take in the view.

  4. HI Richard….. Love your use of colour and lighting. The trees on the rocks are very well done. Thanks for linking my blog site. When I find the tool I will include you on mine!!!/Sue

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