Working on a series of light houses that are around Lake Huron and Georgian bay

This one is a Historic light house at Point Clark .


5 Responses to “2010”

  1. Richard, I love the subject and the painting. I have always wanted to paint the lighthouses that are on the Michigan side of Lake Michigan. Your sky is so real and the scene so beautiful that I can feel the breeze with the sun beating down. Hope you have a great day to paint! Linda

    • I think you should make a point of painting your nearest light house and we can compare architecture styles as a matter of fact, this could be the next challenge to paint. Any light house in an artist’s area. What do you think?

  2. Oh beautiful piece Richard, I agree the sky looks so real. You’ve done such a wonderful job.

  3. This is gorgeous and bright. Your rendering looks effortless. I love your suggestion about lighthouses but I have none here!

  4. Another beauty, wish I could paint so well in watercolours, well done.

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