Sorry for not posting. Ive been in Toronto visiting my Daughter for the Easter weekend.

Got back late Sunday and had nothing new to post. However here is one hot off the presses.

I did  this one  in acrylic on masonite it approx 10″ X 26″.  It ‘s from two photos one was of the canoeist, the other was the shoreline of Algonquin Park in Central Ontario The park is the largest in Ontario and has lots of lakes and canoe routes with campsites.

This one is titled “Looking for Camp”  but I  think I need a better Title.


5 Responses to “2010”

  1. Very full of bright sunlight. Good job on combining elements of two photos! That can be tricky.

  2. I’ve got the title “Wishing I was there”, but instead I’m working. Love the reflections in the water and the rock cliff in the background. A look with acrylics that I’ve never seem to be able to capture. Very nice!

  3. Somehow i missed seeing this earlier. I think the texture in the rocks is very well done as are the twinkling highlights on the water. I can feel the movement. Lovely work.

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