Here’s my painting for the spring challenge. Although I’m not a flower person I had fun with these.  Thanks for the challenge.


14 Responses to “2010”

  1. I think you did a beautiful job with your poppies! 🙂

  2. Hi there, got a change to look at your painting from Ryan blog. This challenge is really fun, everyone got to see everyones works. I really like the intense colors of the flowers in contrast to the lighter background, make them stand out just nice.

  3. Wow beautiful colors and richness. So many styles on a single reference, just what I was wishing for. Thank you for participating in my little experiment in art!

  4. Hi Richard, I love your version of Ryan’s poppies. The colors & brushstrokes are so strong and vibrant.

  5. I am admiring the brushstrokes in this Richard. You’ve also captured the flickering light. Wonderful.

  6. Hi Richard, love the vibrant colors, especially the greens in the distant background. It’s so wonderful to see how different everyone’s paintings are.

  7. Really nice. Is it on fabric? It looks textured.

  8. love this one. wish it was a tad bigger for viewing but the light this one is wonderful. It’s so fun to see everyone’s version
    peace n abundance

  9. I love how didn’t take the photo too literally. Nice work. I’d comment more about it if I actually knew anything about art:)

  10. Oh another wonderful interpretation, the poppies look lovely and delicate.

  11. Yup, just as Carl mention, i really like the vibrant color of your poppies. They just shine under the sun.

  12. Oh, I had missed this one. It’s really really lovely. 🙂

  13. I love the perspective you chose. Beautiful shadows and I really like the upper green area with its sense of movement.

  14. These are so cool – I like your strong colour

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