Found an old slide of a painting I did at least 30 years ago.

I don’t know who has the picture  now hope it hasn’t ended up in a garage sale.

Some times I wonder if I could gather up all the paintings I have sold over the years and have a showing some where.

Then maybe not.

Sorry for not blogging but I have been caught up in the Olympics. Watching all day has turned my brain to mush.


3 Responses to “2010”

  1. Hope you took this little guy in and fed it. He looks absolutely lonesome……Like how you magnified that feeling by placing him so tiny against a stark background.

  2. I love this painting. I want to take that cat and cuddle and feed him.

    And I’m sure you could have a showing anywhere. Your paintings are all terrific.

  3. I know what you means about the Olympics. I am also an Olympiholic. Lovely painting. He does look lonely. I hope it was only temporary.

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